January 15

From 15 Jan to 05 Feb 2024, residents can discard their unwanted bulky items at designated common areas. These areas are identified and demarcated by SKTC officers and can be found on the ground level of most blocks next to the washing bay or near the central refuse chute. Residents are not restricted on the number of items that can be discarded and will be cleared by our conservancy workers regularly on a daily basis.


This initiative complements the spring cleaning of our residents as the town council typically receives higher bulky items removal request around the year end and festive periods. By using the designated bulky disposal area, our residents can dispose their bulky items at their time of convenience, outside of our usual collection schedule on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 2-4pm.  Residents requiring assistance with the removal of bulky items, especially our elderly, can continue to arrange for a collection by our conservancy workers via SKTC’s website at https://www.sktc.sg/Bulky-Item-Removal


Residents can also consider donating their pre-loved items in good working conditions. Some good suggestions can be found on CNA’s article: Spring cleaning: Where to donate and recycle clothing, books and bulky items in Singapore - CNA Lifestyle (channelnewsasia.com)