November 30

Sengkang Town Council refers to the Court of Appeal judgment released on 29 November 2023.


The cases related to legal action initiated on 3 August 2017, by Pasir-Punggol Town Council (PRPGTC) and have been ongoing since. On 28 October 2020, all relevant legal proceedings were transferred by way of law to Sengkang Town Council (SKTC) as mandated by the Town Councils Act (Declaration Order 2020).


To appropriately address conflict of interest concerns, SKTC announced the appointment of an independent panel on 5 September 2020. The independent panel, serving without remuneration, was entrusted with acting independently and impartially in the best interests of SKTC. The panel's Terms of Reference have also been made accessible to the public.


In relation to queries over costs payable associated with the trials, we confirm that these will be covered by SKTC's operating funds, with provisions already in place. We also wish to clarify that The Workers’ Party, as a political entity, is not involved in the matter and no payments will be made to the party.


Sengkang Town Council

30 November 2023