April 09

Sengkang Town Council (SKTC) extends its sincere apologies to residents affected by the electricity outage at Block 272 series in Sengkang Central and Block 275 series in Compassvale Link on the night of 8th April 2024.


SKTC was alerted to the outage around 23:50 hours and activated our property managers and electricians on site. They worked closely and supported colleagues from Singapore Power (SP), Essential Maintenance Services Unit (EMSU) and Housing Development Board (HDB), to identify the cause of the outage and to restore electricity safely and quickly to our residents.


The electricity was restored around 01:05 hours and 01:25 hours of 9th April 2024 for Block 275 series and Block 272 series, respectively. After power had been restored, SKTC’s licensed electrical workers inspected all switch rooms while our electricians and technicians visited residential units who were still awake and required additional assistance. SKTC also activated lift technicians to ensure the safe resumption of lift service. The team stood down at 02:15 hours of 9th April 2024.


We understand that the electricity supply at SP’s substation was interrupted and that the investigation is currently underway. SKTC will be working closely with our colleagues from SP and HDB, and will consider necessary steps to prevent similar recurrence.


We are also aware that many residents have reached out about the incident, thus we have deployed additional manpower to follow up on their feedback.


We thank residents for their understanding as well as our colleagues from SP, EMSU and HDB for their collaborative efforts in restoring electricity to our residents.