April 24

For the second year running, SKTC took part in the SGClean Day campaign. Taking place on Sunday, 24 April 2022, the quarterly event saw our MPs lead the charge, joining forces with residents to clean up Sengkang Town.


The easing of COVID-19 restrictions meant a scaling up of clean-up activities. With conservancy workers given the day off at selected estates, residents were given the chance to sign-up for litter-picking exercises alongside Sengkang GRC’s MPs (Members of Parliament) at Anchorvale, Buangkok, Compassvale and Rivervale.


Taking things a step further, a collaboration between SKTC and Sengkang General Hospital, saw MP Jamus Lim linking up with the hospital staff for the clean-up at Anchorvale.


Always a wonderful opportunity for SKTC to connect and engage with residents, the hope with the ongoing SGClean Day campaign is to foster social responsibility and make it a community-wide effort to ensure upkeep and neighbourhood cleanliness.


Outreach efforts like SGClean Day not only help nurture community spirit, but also grow everyone’s appreciation for the hardwork and dedication of our conservancy workers.


Similar to previous campaigns, there was a strong turnout for this year’s SGClean Day with close to 80 participants collecting 41.34kg of litter across the four divisions.


SKTC would like to convey its heartfelt gratitude to all who took part. Especially to the parents who brought their little ones to join in the fun – setting a great example for the next generation.