October 03

Following analysis from inspections carried out by the Ministry of National Development (MND) in 2021, the threat of killer litter remains a pressing issue in Sengkang Town. Dangerously-placed items such as flower pots may fall on to the common areas of your HDB estate and ruin the aesthetics of Sengkang Town in the process. In consideration of public safety in our estate, the Town Council's enforcement team will be deployed to educate the public on the dangers of killer litter through the creation of advisory messages. If you witness any potential killer litter items in the estate, kindly contact the Town Council at 6590-9700 or email us at enquiry@sktc.sg.


  • 1st Offence - $200
  • 2nd Offence - $500
  • Subsequent Offences - $500


Here are some recommended safety tips to note:

  • DO NOT install any fixtures on parapet walls or window ledges. Hanging fixtures along the common corridors and outside windows are also prohibited.
  • DO NOT place potted plants and other belongings on parapet walls, window ledges or air-con ledges.
  • DO NOT place, tie or hang objects over the railings


If you require assistance in removing unwanted bulky items that is taking up space consumption in your home, you may arrange for the complimentary removal service provided by the Town Council.


Each household is limited to three (3) bulky item(s) per month by sending in your enquiry to https://sktc.sg/contact-us/ at least three working days in advance. By keeping our common areas tidy, we can provide a safe and clean environment for our residents to live in.