Sengkang Town Council’s (SKTC) 5-Year Town Plan is driven towards reshaping the landscape of our town. From estate improvement works designed to upgrade the shared amenities in our neighbourhood to community outreach efforts that promote a sense of connectedness amongst members of our community, there is something for everyone! As part of our plan to create a better home in Sengkang GRC, residents can look forward to a myriad of upgrading projects set to take place across the divisions of Anchorvale, Buangkok, Compassvale and Rivervale in the coming years.

Our Vision, Mission & Values

  • Pride and commitment to our residents in our line of duty
  • Excellence and professionalism in the execution of responsibilities
  • Integrity and incorruptibility in our dealings with all stakeholders
  • Maintain efficiency and excellence by unity of common purpose

A town at the vanguard of progress and modernity, with residents rich in compassion and care for the environment they live in

  • To create a living space that fosters pride and allow our residents to realise lives of meaning and fulfilment
  • To support a tolerant, multi-ethnic and multicultural modern community, rich in the kampong spirit
  • To maintain a clean and green environment that promotes health, wealth and happiness

Significant Projects

As part of building a better home for residents, our 5-Year Town Plan is focused on the following areas:


Some of our completed projects

  • Construction Of High Linkway for Barrier Free Access leading to Bus-Stop near Blk 311A Anchorvale Lane
  • Construction Of High Linkway at Blk 331B Anchorvale Street
  • Construction of Barrier Free Access at Blk 305A Anchorvale Link
  • Upgrading of Playground at Blk 321B Anchorvale Drive
  • Conversion of Senior Citizens’ Corner to Residents’ Corner at Blk 200D Sengkang East Road
  • Upgrading of Residents’ Corner at Blk 203C Compassvale Road
  • Extension of Drop-Off Point at Blk 206A Compassvale Lane
  • Upgrading of High/Low Linkway from Blk 231 Compassvale Walk to Bus-Stop
  • Upgrading of High/Low Linkway from Blk 239 to 240 Compassvale Walk and to Bus-Stop
  • Construction of High Linkway from Blk 184B to 185B Rivervale Crescent
  • Upgrading of Senior Citizens’ Corner at Blk 185C Rivervale Crescent
  • Construction of High Linkway from Blk 184B to 185B Rivervale Crescent


Reshaping the landscape of Sengkang Town also takes into consideration the needs of our little ones! As more residents look towards starting families of their own in Sengkang Town, we turn our attention to providing more amenities to cater to children.

The construction/upgrading of playgrounds revolve around specific themes which are designed to provide kids with a fun and enjoyable time out of the confines of home and school. Themed playgrounds beautify the estates with a sense of uniqueness and exclusivity across our estates, which will go a long way in providing our kids with wonderful memories of their childhood!

Double-Tier Bicycle Racks

In recent years, the use of bicycles has evolved to become a huge part of our residents’ lives. Besides adopting a healthy lifestyle through cycling, bicycles have also become pivotal in the livelihoods of our residents who ply their trade in the food delivery industry.

With that in mind, the Town Council will be working towards the provision of more double-tier bicycle racks to accommodate to the needs of cyclists in our town.

Finding a spot to lock your bicycles will soon be made more convenient!

Barrier-Free Access Ramps/Drop-Off Points

Providing Barrier-Free Access (BFA) is a core consideration of our town improvement plans. Ramps and drop-off points are designed to facilitate seamless movement for those who experience difficulty in their mobility. For instance, curbs that are usually found at drop-off points are eliminated for the easy movement of strollers/wheelchairs from one point to another.

Landing points and railings are also integrated along ramps to provide additional support to residents in need.

Repairs and Redecorations (R&R)

From giving residential blocks a fresh coat of paint, to the replacement of benches and tiles at the common areas, repairs and redecorations (R&R) are carried out to enhance the aesthetics of the neighbourhood.

Public Relations & Community Outreach

Apart from reshaping the overall aesthetics of Sengkang Town, SKTC will also place a strong emphasis on maintaining its lines of communication with residents to promote inclusivity and foster a sense of community spirit through our public outreach efforts.

Where estate and conservancy matters are concerned, SKTC strives to be residents’ port of call through a host of channels which include:

  • SKTC’s Website (
  • Bi-annual Newsletter (Sengkang Footprints)
  • Annual Reports
  • Festive Banners
  • Advisory Materials & Notices (Educational Posters/Flyers etc.)
  • Contests
  • Estate Surveys
  • Digital Display Panels

In addition to keeping residents up to speed on the latest happenings in Sengkang Town, the vast array of communication channels also provides a platform for residents to participate in estate improvement exercises through QR code-supported surveys.

The enhancement of our shared spaces, coupled with an exciting lineup of outreach initiatives, will combine to transform Sengkang into a town that our residents can be proud to call home.

Our other projects include the construction and upgrading of facilities such as:

  • Covered Linkways
  • Fitness Corners
  • Multi-Purpose Halls
  • Upgrading of Lift Features

Click here for a comprehensive listing of the completed and upcoming projects at your division.

Cyclical Replacements

  • Re-Roofing
  • Replacement of Pumps & Water Pipes
  • Replacement of Fire Fighting and Protection Systems
  • Replacement of Refuse Handling Equipment
  • Replacement of Alert Alarm Systems
  • Re-wiring & Replacement of Lamp posts

Lift Enhancement Programme (LEP)

While travelling in lift cars, residents can be assured that their safety is prioritised. Through the Lift Enhancement Programme (LEP), various lift parts are modernised to allow for older lifts to meet the standards of newer ones. These include:

  • Ascending Car Over Speed Protection (ACOP)
  • Unintended Car Movement Protection (UCMP)
  • Slacken governor rope electrical safety device
  • Light curtains
  • Electrical safety interlocking for multi-panel door
  • Car apron
  • Telephone Intercom System/Other Communication Devices
  • Automatic Rescue Device (ARD)

The inclusion of such features would safeguard our residents in times of emergencies such as power failures. Drawing reference from case studies, precautionary measures such as the equipping of CCTVs have been carried out to assist in the investigation of criminal acts such as theft and/or molestation cases, which have been known to take place in lift cars.

Such enhancements are included to provide residents with the assurance that their safety will not be compromised while travelling in the lifts.

Click here to view the latest schedule of Lift Enhancement Programmes happening at your division.

Number of blocks in SengKang for upcoming Cyclical from FY 2022/23 to FY 2026/27

Repair & Redecoration (R&R) Works

248 Blocks


107 Blocks

Booster Pumps

214 Blocks

Transfer Pumps

235 Blocks

Water Pipes

320 Blocks


327 Blocks

Fire Protection System

91 Blocks

Alert Alarm

8 Blocks

Refuse Handling Equipment

116 Blocks

Lift Enhancement Programmes (LEP)

Include Replacement of Ropes & Sheaves, ARD Batteries, Lift Position Display Panels, Inverters and Lifts Overhaul