Roles & Responsibilities


At Sengkang Town, the maintenance works of common property (e.g. car parks, common corridors and void decks), as well as mechanical and electrical installations (e.g. lifts, switch rooms and water pumps) are carried out by Sengkang Town Council (SKTC). 

The Town Council oversees repairs and cyclical works such as the re-painting of blocks and re-roofing works at the estates under our purview. 

As part of creating a more vibrant and inclusive town, SKTC also works towards the provision and upgrading of common amenities (e.g. lift lobbies, linkways and residents’ corners) to better serve our residents.      

Conservancy and Horticulture

The Town Council ensures the upkeeping of cleanliness at common property and open areas. As part of beautifying the town, SKTC also maintains the landscaped grounds within the estate.
Conservancy workers are also on hand to provide assistance to residents in the removal of bulky items such as mattresses, sofas, refrigerators and television sets to name a few.  

Enforcement Actions

The Town Council implements and enforces a set of by-laws that govern the use of common property and open spaces.  


SKTC administers the collection of payment for the following: 

  • Service and Conservancy charges (S&CC)
  • For the use of common property (e.g. use of void decks, multi-purpose halls)
  • For permits issued (e.g. Temporary Occupational Licenses (TOL) fees)

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